1. NAME
    1. The name of the organization is the Kansas Astronomical Observers (KAO)
    1. The KAO shall be an organization that actively pursues the aesthetics and intellectual enjoyment of astronomy through observing, study and the free exchange of information.
    2. The KAO shall endeavor to expand the appreciation of and participation in amateur astronomy, by providing observing experience for the public.
    1. The officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary/Newsletter Editor, elected from the membership and serving for two years.
    2. The rank of officers for presiding at club meetings and activities shall be President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary/Newsletter Editor.
    1. Any individual may become a member of the KAO by paying the required dues and agreeing to uphold the By-Laws of the KAO. Any member may participate in any club-sponsored events.
    2. Membership dues are payable on an annual basis, and are due on 1 January of each year. Dues are pro-rated for all New Members on or after June 1 at half the annual rate.
    3. Special rates for Multi-Member Households.
    4. As compensation for the requirements of office, dues for elected officers will be waived for their term of office.
    5. A member can be expelled from the KAO for disciplinary reasons only by a majority vote in a regularly scheduled business meeting.
    1. The KAO shall schedule one meeting per month, at a time and place announced in the newsletter no less than one week prior to the meeting date. This meeting shall be for conducting club business, reports from members and presentations by speakers.
    2. A quorum shall equal at least 20 percent of the membership. A quorum must be present at a business meeting in order to vote on club business. Unless otherwise specified, the majority of votes cast on any motion shall rule.
    3. The KAO shall schedule at least two star parties each year, whose time and location will be announced in the newsletter prior to the date. No club business may be transacted at a star party, except what may be required among the officers.
    4. The KAO may schedule activities involving observing and/or presentation to the general public or to particular organizations or groups. No club business may be transacted at such an activity.
    1. The By-Laws of the KAO shall be adopted by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast by members, either in person or by absentee ballot.
    2. The By-Laws shall become effective on 15 April, 1990.
    3. The By-Laws may be amended by the following procedure: A motion to amend the By-Laws may be brought to a meeting in person or sent by mail. A vote must be taken to announce the motion to the membership. If approved by two-thirds of the quorum, the proposed amendment will be posted in the next newsletter along with ballots. Ballots will be collected and tallied at the next monthly meeting. A two-thirds majority of the entire membership is required to approve the amendment. Results of the vote will be announced in the next newsletter.
    1. Both dues-paying members and officers are eligible to vote.
    2. Nominations for officers will begin in June of odd-numbered years. A member can be nominated for an office by affirmation or signature of at least two members. Nominations open on 1 June and close on 1 September. Nominees for each office will be listed in the September newsletter.
    3. No member may hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms.
    4. Ballots for officer elections will be distributed with the September newsletter. Ballots must be received for tabulation no later than the day of the October meeting. Results will be tabulated during the October meeting and announced in the November newsletter.
    5. Election results shall be valid if at least 30 percent of the membership votes. Officers are elected by a majority of the votes for each office. Those elected shall take office on 1 January of the next year.
    6. If an officer cannot serve a full term, an announcement will be made in the newsletter that nominations will be opened at the next meeting. A list of nominees will appear in the following newsletter along with a notice that a vote will be taken at the next meeting. The candidate with the most votes will take office immediately.
    7. A partial term of office shall not count as a full term unless it is longer than one year.
    1. If upon winding up or dissolution of the KAO there remains any assets whatsoever, such assets shall be donated in whole to a like organization or group of like organizations immediately before any resolution to wind up or dissolve the KAO takes effect.
      1. Presides over meetings and maintains the order of business.
      2. Calls members’ attention to the club business.
      3. Monitors the club treasury.
      4. Monitors the club mail.
      5. Organizes and maintains a checkout system for club assets.
      6. Assists the Vice-President in determining meeting topics and scheduling presentations for meetings.
      7. Arranges meeting locations and times.
      1. Presides over meetings in the absence of the President.
      2. Determines meeting topics and schedules presentations for meetings.
      3. Arrange club star parties and observing activities.
      4. Assists the President with community relations.
      1. Records, maintains and publishes minutes of meetings.
      2. Responsible for club and new member communications.
      3. Shall act as librarian and be responsible for maintaining materials and a checkout system for club equipment and astronomical publications.
      4. Responsible for editing and publishing a monthly newsletter.
      1. Maintain a club membership roster, including reciprocating clubs.
      2. Presents a formal treasury report at each meeting.
      3. Responsible for member magazines subscriptions and for all club memberships in other organizations.